Boilerfrag is back!

Posted on August 27th, 2016.

Spring 2015 Callouts

Boilerfrag 9.0 Announcement

Boilerfrag is back on!!! As many of you are aware, last year we were unable to fully organize a Boilerfrag, but this semester Boilerfrag 9.0 makes its glorious return on November 12th and 13th.

What is Boilerfrag?

Boilerfrag is a once-a-semester 22 hour LAN party hosted by PUGG in the Armory. We will have tournaments for a multitude of games, including, but not limited to Super Smash Bros., League of Legends, Dota 2, Halo, and CS;GO. Tickets for Boilerfrag will go on sale starting in October. A full list of games and rules will be posted in the near future

Where can I find more information?

We will continue to post updates and information about Boilerfrag and other future events here, as well as on Facebook, so be sure to stay tuned. A full schedule of our events for the whole semester will also be available here soon. Be sure to be on the lookout.

We look forward to a great semester for everyone and we can't wait to see everyone at Boilerfrag 9.0

Boilerfrag 8.0 - Tournament Schedule and Rules

Posted on April 18th, 2015.

Time PC Console
SATURDAY, April 18th
12:00 Project M
12:30 Chivalry
13:00 Starwhals
14:00 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
15:00 Melee sponsored by Redbull
Mario Kart 8 sponsored by Disc Replay
16:00 Starcraft II
17:00 F2P Armagetron
18:00 ~DINNER by HotBox~
19:00 CoD
19:30 F2P League of Legends (5v5)
F2P Quake
20:00 Smash Wii u
22:00 F2P Dota 2 5v5 Halo 3
SUNDAY, April 19th
00:00 !!! HotBox Challenge !!!
00:30 Mystery Games
01:00 Halo 3
01:30 F2P Hearthstone
02:00 F2P League of Legends (1v1)
04:00 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (1v1)

In need of a place for team communications? Use our mumble server!

IP: PORT: default


  • 5v5
    • Best of 1
      • Finals: Best of 3
    • Map Veto System
      • Each team vetoes maps from the competitive pool until one remains.
    • Competitive ruleset

  • 1v1
    • Single Elimination
    • Map Veto System
    • Arena mode: Everyone joins one game. Successive 10min rounds knocking off lowest scoring player until one remains


    • 1v1
    • Arena mode: Everyone joins one game. Successive 10min rounds knocking off lowest scoring player until one remains.

    StarCraft II

    • Pro Tournament
      • Ranked diamond and master
      • Best of 3
      • Single elimination
      • Admin selects first map, then loser selects second
      • Map pool: ladder maps.
      • Random seeding
      • All races allowed
    • Amateur Tournament
      • Below diamond rank
      • Best of 3
      • Single elimination
      • Admin selects first map, then loser selects second
      • Map pool: ladder maps.
      • Random seeding
      • All races allowed


    • Free game download:
      • Tron light cycle game. Easy to learn, easy to win
    • Free for all
    • 10 rounds, highest scoring player wins
    • Map dimensions determined at event

    Quake: Open Arena

    • Running open arena. Free link:
    • Best of 1
    • Single elimination
    • Random seeding

    League of Legends

    • 5v5
      • Standard Riot ruleset:
    • 1v1
      • PurdueLoL Custom Ruleset. More info at venue

    DOTA 2

    • 5v5
    • Random seeding


    • Running all event
    • Admin selected map
    • at 6am Sunday the player with the highest score wins.


    Deck Rules:

    • Before the tournament begins ALL players must submit their Battletag and the 3 decks (just the classes) which they will compete with via online google doc form, these decks cannot be changed and must be played throughout the entirety of the competition
      • the top 4 players in the Tournament will be allowed to resubmit 3 decks for the main portion of the tournament if they so choose, this is the only time decks can be changed in the tournament
      • A player cannot have 2 decks of the same class
    • CONQUEST: When a deck wins in a game, it cannot be re­played in the same match, and the losing player may use the same deck they lost with or change to another of their choosing
    • If your opponent asks you what classes you are playing you have to provide that information


    • All matches will be played on the North American region
    • Players must provide their own account and cards
    • All matches are best of 3, and Grand Finals are BO5 (time permitting)
    • Time limit of 90 seconds per turn (as set in the game)
    • Between each game you have 5 minutes to select deck for the next game
    • Time limit of 15 minutes for showing up for a match, else disqualified
    • You are allowed to take notes during games but not use any 3rd party information
    • If a game ends in a draw (eg. Hellfire kills both players) the game will be replayed using the same decks as the game started with
    • If a player believes that their opponent has modified their deck in a series they have the option to protest and an admin will check it against the submitted decks
    • Admins have the final say on all rulings and in extreme situations the rules can be changed
    • All players must behave in a humane way towards other competitors and event staff ○ inappropriate conduct is subject to admin ruling
    • Time permitting: A loser’s bracket
      • Might be best of one...
      • For the final best of 3…
      • Winner faces finalist of Winner’s Bracket

    BoilerFrag 8.0

    Posted on April 6th, 2015.

    Purdue University Gamers Group BoilerFrag 8.0

    PUGG is proud to announce BoilerFrag 8.0! Continuing a long Purdue tradition of hosting a large gaming party in the Armory every semester, this event will be the biggest and best PUGG event to date!

    The doors will open on Saturday, 4/18 at noon and will close on Sunday, 4/19 at 10am. During that time we’ll be doing tournaments consecutively throughout the event for both PC and Console sides! Our tournament schedule will be posted soon, but some of the games you will expect to see are listed below. However, we’ll also have free play games that can be played throughout the event with other attendees for fun! Many members come to our events just to play cooperatively with other members.


    Saturday, April 18 12pm - Sunday, April 19 10am.


    Purdue Armory

    Games (Finalized Schedule and rules coming soon)


    • League of Legends
    • Armagetron
    • Quake
    • CS: GO
    • Hearthstone
    • DOTA 2
    • Chivalry


    • Halo 3: 2v2
    • CoD AW: 2v2 Search and Destroy
    • Super Smash Brothers
    • Mario Kart 8
    • and more!

    All tournaments will have PRIZES that you can win. Everyone who comes to our events walks away with something.

    Ticket Sales

    The ticket will grant you entry into either the console section (console ticket) or both the PC and console section (PC ticket) as well as dinner (both tickets).

    PC: $10

    • Currently, PC tickets are available online through the TooCOOL storefront and at the HKN lounge EE 024 from 7:30 AM to 5PM on Monday through Friday.
    • Cap: 100 seats (we will sell out!)
    • Purchase your ticket HERE.
      • NOTE: The item listing says that it is for pickup only, but this refers to bringing your certificate that is emailed to you to the event
    • Either print your emailed invoice or show us the invoice on your mobile device when you arrive at the event
    • Grants entry to the PC AND CONSOLE SECTIONS and DINNER

    Console: $5

    • Tickets available soon (and at the door)
    • Cap: Unlimited
    • Grants entry to the CONSOLE SECTION and DINNER

    What should I bring and expect?


    • Bring your rig! We allow both Laptops and PCs into our event. We limit everyone to two power outlets (PC and monitor). We’ve had some issues in the past with tripping the circuits from rigs that utilize a large amount of power. If your rig uses an unusually high amount of power, please email [email protected] beforehand so we can work something out!
    • Ethernet cable.
    • Mousepad.


    • Any game or console that you would like to play that is not already provided by PUGG! (full list coming soon)

    I want to get more involved: How do I sign up as a volunteer?

    • Volunteers are great! If you want to volunteer for the event, please email [email protected] with the word “volunteer” somewhere in the email subject.
    • Volunteering is the best way to get involved in the officer group of PUGG to plan the next BoilerFrag!

    I want to bring my rig, but I’m not sure if I can get a ride.

    • Email [email protected] with the phrase “BoilerFrag Pickup” somewhere in the subject line.
    • We will do our best to accommodate anyone who needs a ride to and from and our event, but please let us know in advance! If at all possible we WILL get you to the event.

    I have other questions, comments, or concerns

    • Email [email protected] with the phrase “BoilerFrag Question”.
    • I’ll e-mail a response ASAP.
    • Or just leave a comment below.

    Collaborators and other Student Organizations!

    Spring 2015 Officer Callouts

    Posted on February 2nd, 2015.

    Spring 2015 Callouts

    If you are interested in becoming an officer for the largest gaming club on campus, come to our callout meeting tomorrow Tuesday, February 3rd from 6pm to 8pm in RAWLS 1086

    If you are not sure what we do at PUGG, here is a quick summary:

    • We hold Purdue's largest gaming LAN event, BoilerFrag, almost every semester.
    • Every month we hold a LAN event that is smaller than BoilerFrag, but just as much fun.
    • We love video games!

    We are looking for positions such as PC Managers, Console Managers, Graphic Designers, and Advertisers.

    If you can't make it and are still interested in joining or any other information about PUGG, let us know!

    Boilerfrag 7.0 - Tournament Schedule and Rules

    Posted on November 12th, 2014.


    Time PC Console
    Diablo III
    SATURDAY, November 15th
    12:00 3DS Super Smash
    13:00 osu! Super Smash Bros. Melee
    14:30 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    14:30 CoD: Advanced Warfare
    16:00 Starcraft II
    17:00 FREE Armagetron
    18:00 ~DINNER by HotBox~
    19:30 FREE DotA 2 (5v5) Mario Kart 8
    20:00 Halo: Master Chief Collection
    21:00 FREE Quake
    22:00 ??? MYSTERY GAMES ???
    22:30 FREE League of Legends (5v5)
    SUNDAY, November 16th
    00:00 !!! HotBox Challenge !!!
    01:00 FREE Hearthstone Lethal League
    03:00 FREE Leauge of Legends (1v1)
    FREE DotA 2 (1v1)

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance!

    Tournament Rules

    Diablo 3

    Create a new Season Character (does not need to be hardcore)

    Ask a pugg officer to accompany you to see the character created, Pugg officer will give you a name and register that character

    Attendee with the highest level pugg created character will win a prize. Competition will end at 3 AM.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Bo1 Single Elimination


    Map Veto System

    Each team Vetoes maps from the competitive map pool until one remains

    Competitive Ruleset in game

    Starcraft II

    Amateur & Pro Division

    Pro=Masters and Diamond

    Amateur=Below Diamond

    Bo3 Format Single Elimination

    First Map Admin Selected

    Loser Picks 2nd Map

    You may play whichever race you want.

    Map Pool

    Ladder Maps

    Random Seeding

    League of Legends

    Pro/Am Division

    Pro=Contains 2 PLatinum or 1 Diamond Player

    AM= Anything else

    Bo1 or Bo3 depending on Number of Teams

    Draft Mode Summoners Rift

    Single Elimination

    If you do not have required number of champions for Draft mode draft will be done outside of client


    Register 3 Classes

    Bo3 Format Single Elimination

    First Round Blind Pick of your class against your opponent

    Loser changes class

    Random Seeding